Idän Metsäkone Oy

Idän Metsäkone Oy was founded 1999 as a forest harvesting company. Since that business operations have expanded to sawmilling,planing, biofuel- and turf production. Today company provides Biofuel for different size of power plants. In eastern Finnland we have 7 own terminals to serve 40 powerplants as our customer. We can handle the whole supply chain harvesting, chipping and on time delivery to customers with our own truck fleet. We have 200 hectars on turf production.

2018 company was buying 15 000 m3 industrial premises from Kovero Joensuu. Now we have factory where we killndry, stressgrade and plane timber. 

Company has grown from a one man show to company employing 15-17 people.


We produce high class biofuel – Wood chips, milled peat  and peat pellets for heating farms and for heat and power plants.

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We produce pedding turf for farms. Also we produce absorbtion turf  for farms and industrial use.

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We produce high quality timber at our Kovero factory. We can supply sawn, planed and impregnated timber to any destination.


Janne Hurskainen

Sales Manager

+358 40 772 7718

Esa Luukkainen

Sales Manager
sawn and planed Export

+358 500 278 824

Toni Lauronen

Factory manager
local sales
at Kovero factory

+358 400 623 965

Elena Masalina

custom clearance
(speakin Russia)

+358 40 575 2930

Tapio Lauronen

Managing Director

+358 500 362 388

Kovero factory


Asemantie 2, 82710 Kovero